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About us

Ośrodek z lotu ptaka Department of Nuclear Equipment HITEC NCBJ is a unit integrated into the Nuclear Research Center, located in Swierk about 30 km from Warsaw. The evolution and development of the Center has for more than 40 years followed a course from fundamental and technological research to applied nuclear power engineering and various peaceful applications of nuclear technologies understood in the broadest sense. Our field of expertise has for more than 30 years been the precision electron accelerators, in particular accelerators used by oncology therapists. Some technologies developed at us were also successfully applied in research conducted within the European Center of Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland and we continue to supply CERN with various unique devices.

Fairly wide range of products offered by us includes, among others: linear electron accelerators for medical and food-processing applications, X-ray therapy simulators, therapeutic tables, automatic shielding doors, radiation detectors, accelerating structures for linear accelerators, ion implanters. Our products have been installed in many European countries, as well as in South America: about 70% of our production is exported.

Diversity of our business, technical capabilities and flexibility of the personnel at our disposal enable us to respond rapidly and adapt to any particular demands of our customers e.g. by:

» designing and carrying out custom therapeutic shelters and other civil engineering objects for hospitals and other users of accelerators

» installing complete therapeutic treatment "lines"

» providing comprehensive technical service

» training the customer staff and personnel.

See the Mission and The Management Quality System. We hope you will be satisfied with our products and services and invite you to cooperate with us (users reference list).

Our profile

Year of foundation: 1966

Legal status: The Establishment acts within the framework of The Andrzej Sołtan Institute for Nuclear Studies, 05-400 Swierk/Otwock, Poland. The Establishment is State owned.

Financial status: The Establishment acts on its own account, has its own balance-sheet and pays its taxes directly to the budget.

Scope of activity:

» Manufacturing and servicing
- accelerators for applications in medicine, industry and agriculture
- X-ray simulators
- radiation treatment couches
- radiation shielding doors
- radiation detectors
- ion implanters
- measuring equipment for environment (air & water) protection

» Distributing dosimetry equipment and accessories for radiotherapy

» Designing and co-producing custom structures for hospitals

» Research and development in the relevant fields.

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